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Becoming co-owner: How it works

The process to becoming a property owner with us is very simple. How it works:

1Register now for free

Register now for free

Register non-bindingly in just 30 seconds and get full access to all properties. You will always be notified first about new properties.

2Choose your property

Choose your property

At crowdhouse, you can view all properties in detail. Once you have found your favourite property, you can comfortably request all documentation at a mouse click.

3Become a registered co-owner

Become a registered co-owner

In accordance with your share of investment, you will be inscribed into the land registry as a co-owner. You can become a co-owner from CHF 100,000.

4Generate monthly income

Generate monthly income

You receive the distribution yield of the rental income monthly. We are taking care of the optimal management of your property every day.

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95% Promise

We link our fee to a high degree of achievement of the forecast for the dividend yield.

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An investment with us is simple, profitable and solid.

As an owner, you benefit from the following advantages at crowdhouse:

Regular rental income

Regular rental income

Your share of the rental income is distributed to you on a monthly basis.

Genuine property ownership

Genuine property ownership

As a co-owner, you will be entered in the land register. The property is in your possession.

Withdrawal is possible at any time

Withdrawal is possible at any time

Your capital is not tied up. You can sell your shares to other co-owners at any time through our secondary market.

Participation in performance

Participation in performance

You are a co-owner of the property and thus participate directly in its performance.

Risk limitation through diversification

Risk limitation through diversification

With crowdhouse, you can easily invest in different properties and diversify your portfolio.

No effort

No effort

You invest – we do the work for you and take care of the optimal management of your property.

Our client stories

I can't imagine a scenario where it would be difficult to sell co-ownership shares.

Donat Fritsch

Independent entrepreneur

At crowdhouse, I know exactly what I am investing in.

Alfred Obi


Thanks to crowdhouse, my assets will be preserved for my future heirs.

Hans-Peter Baumgartner


I can invest in several houses with a relatively small investment sum and have thus spread the risk.

Daniel Schaetti


An important democratisation: Formerly a country of tenants, Switzerland is becoming a country of co-owners.

Ueli Birnstiel


Analyse the acquisition of co-ownership under different conditions

Choose your desired investment amount, the duration and a scenario to analyse different growths.

Select investment sum
Investment sum
Holding period
Investment sum
Total return on investment
  • Initial co-ownership value
  • Exit value of co-ownership
  • Aggregated payout received
  • Reserves in your favour
Annualized return on investment
The annualized ROI includes the exit value of co-ownership, the aggregated payout and the reserves.
Show breakdown
End of year total in CHF
Value of co-ownership
This analysis is based on historical data of a typical crowdhouse property. Historical information is not a reliable indicator of future growth. Therefore, this analysis serves only to illustrate possible growth in scenarios assumed by crowdhouse. For the sake of simplicity, we have taken into account what we consider to be the most relevant factors. Before deciding on an investment, read the risk warnings carefully, or in the case of doubt, consult a trusted financial expert.
  • Value development:0.66% p.a.
  • Change rental income:0.025
  • Mortgage rate from year 7:0.0075
  • Vacancy rate:0.01
  • Maintenance costs:Low
  • Value development:Stable
  • Change rental income:Stable
  • Mortgage rate from year 7:0.0075
  • Vacancy rate:0.01
  • Maintenance costs:Medium
  • Value development:-0.66% per year
  • Change rental income:-0.05
  • Mortgage rate from year 7:0.03
  • Vacancy rate:0.05
  • Maintenance costs:High
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Mortgage partner
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