How do we find our properties?

High-quality Swiss investment properties are not as abundant as grains of sand on the shore. But we can find them! We benefit from our network, our know-how and proven testing methods.

Property acquisition

Property acquisition

We are widely networked in the property industry and have excellent relationships with property owners, developers and estate agents. This helps us to acquire the best properties on the market for you.

The following factors also help us in property acquisition:

  • We deliberately focus on apartment buildings in attractive locations that are not well known to the general public, nor in overheated situations.
  • We consciously focus on apartment buildings that in terms of purchase price-volume are in a segment that is too large for private investors and generally too small for institutional investors.
  • We are professionally positioned and can therefore enhance value during negotiations with buyers, through an effective purchase process. Our success rate in property placement is 100%. We typically process transactions at three times the speed of traditional property marketing methods. Thus most property sellers at crowdhouse are "repeat offenders".
  • For many properties, we become involved in the construction or conversion phase very early, at our own risk. Due to this early involvement, we can achieve a significantly better price for you in many cases than would be the case after completion and full letting of the property. As a rule, we undertake the construction supervision and the initial letting of the properties in order to ensure the necessary quality.
  • We are prepared to make a down payment at our own risk to confirm to the seller that we are true to our word.
By creating additional liquidity in the aforementioned segments, we achieve significantly better purchase prices than individual investors.
Risk assessment

Risk assessment

Every property we consider undergoes a thorough risk assessment and is rated for over different criteria. In particular, we assess:
  • Profitability and demand
  • Valuation and purchase price
  • Rental price level, rental price growth and vacancy risk
  • Quality of micro- and macro-location
  • Condition & quality of constuction
  • Attractiveness of the property and the rental offer
  • Future potential and sustainability
We secure the best property with a deposit

We secure the best property with a deposit

If we find a property convincing and we reach an agreement with the seller we reserve the property. For this we pay the seller of the property an advance payment of a forfeit deposit and certify a binding contract.

In this we are taking a risk – because if we should prove unable to subscribe the appropriate equity for the purchase of the property in time, we would lose this deposit. Not least due to this fact, the quality and attractiveness of our properties is our top priority.

We prepare the property for placement

We prepare the property for placement

Before we can put a property online, we still need to arrange some important matters for you:
  • We have the property valuated by our valuation partner, Wüest Partner.
  • We negotiate the best possible terms with the mortgage provider.
  • We work out the best possible contract conditions for our clients.
  • We create an overview of the entire financing process.
  • We create a property-specific property investment strategy and a budget.
  • We document every property in detail.

Are you selling a property that could be of interest to us?