Our 95% promise: We link our fee to the success of your property

We are setting new standards in the Swiss property market

We are convinced of the sustainability, profitability and quality of our properties and the Swiss real estate market. This is why we have decided to link our real estate asset management fee claims directly to a high 95% achievement level of our projected dividend yields.

Our promise to you:

After the transfer of ownership has been completed and you are officially co-owner of your property, our work is just beginning. As administrators, we take care of the profitable management your property. We take an annual fee for this service. This success fee is shown transparently in the financial overview for each property in the invitation for funding.


We believe that we are only entitled to a contingency fee if you as a co-owner are successful. In practice this means: If we do not at achieve least 95% of the projected dividend yield, we lower our budgeted administrative fee to settle the difference. If the difference is greater than the budgeted amount, we will pay the entire sum as compensation.

The most important questions about the crowdhouse promise, at a glance:

  • 1. Does the 95% promise mean that a payout of 95% of the forecast is guaranteed?

    No. With the crowdhouse promise, we assure you that we'll pay the difference between the actual dividend yield you have achieved and 95% of the projected dividend yield with the budgeted annual real estate asset management fee. We provide the entire budgeted fee amount as compensation, and, if necessary, are prepared to pay out the entire annual fee. However, it can not be ruled out that the budgeted fee for one year will not be sufficient to cover the difference.

  • 2. What happens if the difference is higher than the budgeted fee for real estate asset management?

    In this case, crowdhouse waives all fees in the corresponding year and the entire budgeted amount is distributed to the co-owners. The amount of the guarantee corresponds at most to the fixed annual fee.

  • 3. Does this create additional fees?

    No. Under the 95% promise, new fees will not be charged, nor existing fees increased. For a complete and up-to-date overview of our tariff model, see How it works > Services & Fees

  • 4. In what way is this different from the existing model?

    Until now, the rule was that we only have a right to our success fee if we achieve 75% of the rents reported in the current tenant over a year. With the new model, we link the fee claim directly to achieving the predicted dividend yield. This gives you even more certainty that as a real estate manager, we are in the same boat in the long run and are pursuing the same goals: The generation of sustainable and solid returns.

  • 5. When will the 95% promise be applied?

    Our 95% promise is effective immediately and is integrated as a fixed component in the usage and administrative regulations of all properties currently advertised for financing or in the future.

  • 6. Does the 95% promise also apply to already financed property?

    Not automatically. In the case of already financed properties, the previous model has been contractually agreed and is valid accordingly. However, co-ownerships have the opportunity to decide on a change to the new model at the next co-owners' meeting by means of a vote.

  • 7. Are there any restrictions on the scope of the 95% promise?

    The 95% promise does not apply during the first three months after transfer of ownership. This three-month buffer ensures that we as the real estate manager have enough time to correct any failures of the previous administration and to take the necessary measures to ensure stable and sustainable returns. In addition, there is an exclusion, in the case that crowdhouse is hindered by force majeure from fulfilling the pledge (especially by natural disasters, government measures, decisions by the authorities, incomplete insurance benefits, etc.).

  • 8. Does the return forecast always stay the same?

    The calculation of the distribution forecast is based on the current mortgage reference interest rate of the Federal Office of Housing – the BWO. As long as this is not adjusted, the prognosis remains unchanged.

  • 9. On which key date is it judged whether and to what extent the conditions for compensation have been met and when will any difference adjustment be paid out?

    The crowdhouse promise refers to a one year period. The regular distributions are paid monthly. Any compensation claims in favour of the co-owners are determined at the end of the year and reported in the annual financial statements for the property. Corresponding compensation payments are subsequently carried out.